I had created this story to go along with my Winterhaven Restored entry for the BnS Week 16 challenge over at Builder’s Bulevard.  My reason for creating this story was two-fold.  First, I needed a way to show my screenshots of the Winterhaven flip for the challenge.  I thought that this would be a more creative way to do that, rather than just making a plain walk through.  Secondly, I really enjoyed the back story that was created by Okadoka and Anjubee and wanted to build upon it some more.

The story is broken into two seperate chapters.  Chapter One gives a little background history and sets the story up.  Chapter Two is the actual walk through of the flip and the conclusion of the story. 

If you are interested in reading my Winterhaven story, I would highly recommend reading Okadoka’s backstory, as well as Anjubee’s introduction to the challenge.  My story will make more sense and be more meaningful if you have this prior knowledge.  Enjoy!

Okadoka’s Backstory:

Anjubee’s Introduction:


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