The Land Lubber’s Challenge-Chapter 2


In chapter 2 of The Land Lubber’s Challenge, we continue to follow Gwen as she journey’s throughout Sunset Valley in her quest to collect.  Reading Chapter 1 in this series is recommended before reading this chapter.  Chapter 1 can be found on this blog , as well as information regarding the challenge put forth by The Sims 3 Musketeers…And now, on with the story…


MONDAY (Week 2)–Well, it’s nice to see you down here on the beach ready and raring to go, Gwen!  Let’s explore the coast today and see what we can net for ourselves.  I’ll scout ahead and you run along in the sand behind me collecting.


What do you mean, “Why do I get the easy job?”?  It only looks easy, Sweetcakes.  Steering you around and keeping you out of trouble is more work than you know…


Look!  Look what I found for you, Gwen!  Little black beetles milling about here on the beach…Quick!  Grab ’em before they get away on us!


Hmmm…I haven’t ever seen this species of beetle before.  I wonder what they are.  Let me just whip out my ‘Sunset Valley Wildlife and You’ guide here and find out what these little bugs are called…


Good Lord!!  We’ve stumbled upon the Ravenous Black Flesh Boring Beatle!  Good find, Gwen!  Oh, wait…Never mind.  I’m on the wrong page.  It’s only a common water bug.  Well, put it in your pocket anyways and let’s move on.  What?  Why do you feel faint?  Is it the heat?  Hunger?  Well, why don’t you take a break over there at that picnic area.


What?  What’s wrong now?  I can’t understand you with all that food shoved in your mouth…


Who?  Them?  They look harmless.  It looks to me to be a little trio of friends dressed for a day of frivolous fun at the beach.  I really don’t think that they’re giving you…


…the stink eye.  But then again, I could be wrong.  I guess the plump mismatched one could be a little angry that you’re getting into her grub.  *laughing*  You’re right…It does looks like she brought along her chef and her private investigator with her.  She sure seems serious about her food, doesn’t she?  Umm…on second though, this could actually end badly…I think now would be a good time to leave.  Run, Woman, run!  Head for the hills and don’t look back!


Hmmm…I would watch for pink tennis shoes under the bathroom stalls from now on if I were you.  Oh good!  Just up ahead of you are some excellent rocks.  You’re going to want to grab those.


And here are some butterflies for your collection…What do you mean your legs are burning?  Running in sand in no different than running on the sidewalk…I don’t think.  Come on…Less whining, more running.


Oh, you think I don’t see that?  Cheater!  Get back in the sand.  You need the extra exercise if we are ever going to reach your LTW.  You will do anything to undermine my authority, won’t you?  I’m going to just turn around and pretend that I can’t see you throwing your future down the toliet… 


Ahh!  What do I spy here behind us?  Are we already this far down the beach?  Look Gwen…This is that monstrous house perched atop the bluff that you can see all the way from your little broken down shack.


Why don’t you run down the slope here next to the mansion and see what’s down there and I’ll poke around and check around up top here to see what kind of goodies this mansion may have in store for us.


Let me know if you find anything good down there.


What?  This mansion has its own private cove?  Are you kidding me?  Yeah, I guess you are right.  *rolls eyes*  I picked the dumpiest lot I could for you, didn’t I?  I’m such a big meanie. 


Uh, Gwen!  We may have a, umm, huge problem here!  I was up here nosing around the mansion when a car shot into the driveway and deposited what looks to be an ample fleshed fiend up here in the driveway.  You have a blue speeding bullet heading your way!  She’s comin’ at you at Mach 10 speed!  It looks like the owner is home and she looks fit to be tied!


She’s moving faster than should be humanly possible for someone of her girth and you aren’t going to have time to hide!  I fear this may be the end of our time together, Gwen!  There’s only one thing that can save you now… 


…Act confused, like you’re lost and haven’t gotten a clue as to how you got down there and whatever you do, don’t make eye contact with her.  If she starts asking you questions, start babbling nonsense like you normally do and then she’ll just think that you are some crackpot that’s been washed in with the tide.  And whatever you do, hide those flippin’ watermelons you’ve harvested down there in your pockets before she sees them!

Oh wait!  Silly me…That isn’t the owner of the mansion!  It’s just a woman who wanted to come down and enjoy the view of the ocean from the cove…in her pantyhose and heels…all alone.  She’s gonna regret that decision later on when she has to make her way back up the hill.  It’s always easier comin’ down than it is goin’ up, ain’t it Gwen?


I’ve found another path for you to explore, Gwen!  Gwen?  Gwen, you really need to try to keep up with me.  We’re burning daylight here…


Yes, you are right!  This is a very peaceful cove.  It’s perfect for fishing and singing.  What’s your favorite song, Gwen?  I can sing it for you in what I like to call, Catwonese.  It’s where I take the song and substitute ‘meow’ for all of the words, but keep the tune the same.  What do you mean you don’t have a favorite song?  *sniff*  Everyone has a favorite song…


WEDNESDAY (Week 2)–Well, the last few days on the coast have been very fruitfull for us, haven’t they Gwen?  But variety is the spice of life, so I think we should pound the pavement around here and check out another little park that I’ve had my eye on.


Well, isn’t this just a quaint little place?  And there’s already someone here.  Since she’s not a man, we don’t need to bother talking to her…


…or maybe we do.  *sigh*  You’re wasting valuable collecting time here Gwen.  Why are you bothering to…Wait a minute…What are you asking her about?  Please tell me you’re not asking her about stealing from other people’s picnic baskets…You are, aren’t you?


What’s she gonna say?  That you’ll get arrested? *snort*


Oh…Well, what does she know anyway?  Don’t worry about what she thinks…she looks like a vagrant anyhow.  Let’s keep collecting before it gets dark out.


THURSDAY (Week 2)–Alright, we’ve covered the coast, the parks, and most of the lakes.  Let’s head to the mountains today to see what we can find!


Oh, look!  I think I’ve found something good over here!  Come quick, Gwen!


What an amazing discovery!  It’s an old abandoned mine!  And look!  There’s priceless gems, silver, and gold strewn about in front of it that nobody wanted, just waiting for us to collect!  Jackpot!  New mansion, here we come!  Gwen, get over here and start collecting all of this…


…worthless iron.  How very disappointing.  Well on the bright side, we may be able to squeeze a new hula lamp out of this for you so start collecting.  When you’re done, I’ll race ya back to the park!  Last one there’s a rotten egg!


*twiddles thumbs*


HA!  Beat you, Slowpoke!  What took you so long?  Ahh, that one never gets old, does it?  *narrows eyes suspiciously*  Hey, is that a taxi cab that I see in the background behind you?  You did run all the way here like you were supposed to, didn’t you?  I would hate to find out you were slacking on me…


Whatever…Just eat so we can get back to collecting.


Oh, look who we’ve run into, Gwen!  What luck!  It’s, umm, what’s his name!  Something that rhymes with piles, I think…


Stiles!  That’s right!  Look Gwen, it’s good ‘ol Stiles!  Now go over there and talk to him and behave yourself this time.  Get to know him…Ask him some questions…Nothing too outlandish at first…Ask him what his favorite food is.


Mac n’ Cheese!  Look at that Gwen!  It’s your favorite too!  Well, I know I’ve never seen two people more well suited for each other than that.  It must be fate.  It’s destiny!


Wait a minute…No, don’t pull that one again Gwen.  Don’t you go and chase him…


…off.  Great…Now he thinks that you’re some narcoleptic, macaroni-lovin’, crackpot that spends her days hanging out at the park.  Way to go.  We’re never going to get you married off at this rate.  Well, I’m sure he’ll show up again later…


SATURDAY (Week 2)–Egads!  Gwen, do you see who I see?  No, pretending to look the other way won’t work on me.  It’s Miles again!  I mean, Niles…err…Stiles!  Head over and talk to him, Gwen.  I’m sure you’d find him quite interesting if you’d just give him a chance.  Why, I bet beneath that quite demeanor, he’s just a wild and crazy guy at heart…Look, his favorite color is…


…white…umm…Well, I don’t know about you, but that just screams wild and crazy to me!


Wait!  Why are you saying goodby to him already, Gwen?  Yeah, I see the cop in the background behind you…Why?


I guess he is kinda cute.  He is a man of the law, so I suppose he wouldn’t be too bad of a catch for you…


Umm, why does he have that grimace on his face while he’s thinking of marriage?  Did I just see him throw up in his mouth?  Umm, you know Gwen, I don’t think this is going to work out after all.  You shouldn’t bother trying to talk to this one…Why don’t you try to catch Stiles before he gets too far…


…or not.  *sigh*  When we get back to the house tonight, we are going to have to do some serious self-evaluation on why you keep choosing these losers, Gwen.  Wait!  What are you asking him now?  Please, tell me you aren’t asking him what happens to people who steal meals from other people’s picnic baskets!


Gwen, he’s not going to care how hungry you are when you did it!  Oh, I see…You presented it to him in a hypothetical manner.  *rolls eyes*  Yeah, he’s really going to fall for that…


“So’s we nabs the perp and then we drags him down to the station where we gives him the ‘ol interrogation in a dirty lil’ room and then we books the low down, dirty scumbag!”


“An after that, once we’s knocked ’em around a bit jus fer larks, the judge comes in an throws the books at ’em, ’cause we don’t need no stinkin’ low life thiefs here in Sunset Valley!  After the judge has his say, we throw ’em into their own private lil’ jail cell where they rots away for the rest of their miserable lives far away from the good people of Sunset Valley!”


“Oh, hmmm…yeah.  I suppose if’in I was friends with the perp, it’d be alright then.”  See, Gwen?  You worry too much.  I told you it was fine.  Just make sure to butter him a bit more before you head home.


SUNDAY (Week 2)–Going to the market, jigity-jig, to sell all of our goods for this week.  Let’s see what we’ve made…


Well, it looks like you are 3,320 simoleans richer this week, Gwen!  Nice work!  I’m going to head on over to the lot and make some improvements while you run home.  Let’s see what 3,320 simoleans will buy us!


It looks like not much.  Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you Gwen.  The good news would be that I have part of the foundation for your new mansion laid out.  Over there you can see the porch, the dining room, the living room, and the hallway.  We ran out of money so the hallway doesn’t have walls yet.  *laughing*  No, that’s not the bad news Gwen…ahhh, always such the optimist, eh?


No, the bad news would be that we used all of our money on the slab and walls and that you have to move back outside again.  Your new camp is over there complete with outhouse.


But I’ve got a little more good news for you.  I managed to scrape together 50 simoleans out of everything that you’ve earned this week and I’ve bought you a new lamp, just like I said I would!  No, there’s no need to thank me…Just seeing your tears of gratitude is more than enough to warm the cockles of my heart.  Now, you really should rest.  We’ve got another week of collecting ahead of us!


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