Frosted Blueberry

This challenge was called “Frosted Blueberry” and was a color challenge.  If you would like to see  the specifics of the challenge and the color palette that we were asked to use, you may check here: 

Frosted Blueberry

I ended up loving this challenge so much that I created three different spaces.  Here they all are:

Shabby Chic Bathroom:

Tuscan Vineyard Dining Room:

Tuscan Reading Nook:

I ended up entering the Tuscan Vineyard Dining room into the competition as my official entry.  I felt that the bathroom was a bit to cold and white and since this challenge centered around the color purple, while it still technically followed the rules of the challenge, I just felt that it didn’t have enough “purple power” to be my official entry.  The Tuscan Reading Nook was my last creation of the three and, while I liked it quite a bit, I wasn’t sure if the walls that I had used would follow the rules of the challenge since they were not in the color palette.  So Tuscan Dining Room it was…


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