Summerfield Cottage

If you are interested in downloading Summerfield Cottage, it can be found on my Sims 3 page at the Official Site:

Summerfield Cottage:

Lot size:  30×30
Unfurnished Price:  54,059
Furnished Price:  89,970
Playtested:  Yes
Bedrooms:  3 (one with attached nursery)                                                         Bathrooms: 2                                                                                                                           Features:  Lattice covered driveway, pond, outside entertaining area, garden, and sunroom                                                                                                             CC Used:  Yes (see links below)

Paintings:  Sims Art Gallery

Sunset:                                                        Blooms and Roads:                                    Misty Morning Rising:                                     A Rose is a Rose:                                             Olive Garden:                                                                                                                                 White Calalily Recolor:


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