Las Brisas

If you would like to download Las Brisas, you can find it on my Sims 3 webpage over at the Official Site:

Las Brisas:

Lot Size: 30×40
Address: Unknown
Furnished Price: 140,710
Unfurnished Price: 83,208
Lot Features: pool, cabana, small garden, 2-car garage, study, built-in bar-b-que, patio dining,
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Playtested: Yes (a few chairs are for decor purposes only and will be non-functional)
CC: Yes (see links provided below)
Expansion Packs Needed: None


Grungy Victorian Patterns by Robokitty at MTS2:                               Faded and Filthy Florals by Robokitty at MTS2:                               Mexican Tiles by Robokitty at MTS2:                              

Paintings:                                                                                                                                    Sims Art Gallery: 

Cinnamon Road:

You will need to visit these two sites to download the patterns and paintings if you would like them to show up in game.  If you opt not to download them, the game will replace the missing items with similar ones that you do have.  The patterns will pull one of the main colors and will show up as being  a solid pattern in place of the missing pattern.


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